Wednesday, 11 September 2019

High in the sky

While sat outside staring in the sky
At the shining stars and bashful moon
Maybe fun for some but not for me
The night was cold so got back inside
To warm myself by the open fire
With cup of cocoa Mum made for me
She told me of stars and planets names
Saturn, Venus, Mars and Mercury

I drank the cocoa it warmed me up
And crawled up in my mothers lap
She told me of Mars the god of war
And Venus was the goddess of love
That Mercury was the messenger
As I grew sleepy I asked my Mum
"What about the Moon then, what is that?"
"That's Earths naughty little baby"

"He's a lot like you and wants to play
Sometimes sleeps at night and sometimes day
And just like you he's my shining light
"cos I love to see him day and night"
By now I was dreamy, happy warm
I felt safe just where I loved to be
Cuddled close in Mummy's loving arms
I dreamt we both flew high in the sky

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  1. What a warm feeling - a really heart warming poem

  2. Oh Robin, my poem is also so similar to yours. Love the bashful moon becoming the 'Earth's naughty little baby'.

  3. I love the idea of the bashful moon. Sometimes hiding and sometimes seen. Space is cold but home is not. The warmth is definitely felt.

  4. Wow, wow, wow! I hope this happened. But if it did not, I hope it travels far! To see oneself next to the Greek Gods, to answer a child's question, to have the naughty little boy be you while receiving the best of an adult's love--all is charming and deep.

  5. This is such a sweet remembering. What a loving mother. Just so lovely to read and envision.

  6. Oh, I needed this warm, sweet poem today.

  7. This association is heartwarming. I bet that any time you look at the sky at night - you remember your mum!

  8. What a sweet, touching story. It warmed my heart.

  9. Ah, a warm fire, cocoa, and cuddles and stories from Mum – what could be nicer?