Sunday, 31 March 2019

Love is addictive

What is the language of love?
As I stroke my wifes soft skin
Sunlight shines on her brown arms
I breathe her scent in the air

Don't want to leave her presence
But go when she murmurs "Tea?"
She a gem amongst women
Worth her weight in gold, that's fair

Remember when we first met
When attending friends wedding
Thought when photographed up close
Fine bones and beautiful hair

I remember she told me 
She asked others who I was
As did I ask the poor groom
'Ere  long we too were a pair

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  1. Weddings do seem to inspire other weddings. A lovely way to meet. I especially love her murmured "Tea?"

  2. Wedding: a nice preface to a new relationship

    Happy you dropped by my sumie Sunday today Robin


  3. Lovely words,lovely photo,lovely memories.

  4. Tea is definitely my love language. I practically purred at my husband when he told me he made sure to pick up a little cream for my extra strong Sunday brew.

  5. Tea will solve many problems, even (sometimes) singleness!

  6. I love this... such a sweet memory and how it will always come back to you... tea is a perfect place to find it.

  7. I absolutely love this poem, Robin! πŸ’– Weddings are usually a hotspot for meeting people, to kindle love and start new relationships 😊

  8. How lucky your wide is to have a thoughtful husband, Robin, who strokes her skin, breathes her scent and writes poems in her praise.

  9. Lovely details in this tenderly drawn piece. Love it!

  10. So nice that you have such good memories to relish the sweet times with your wife. Thank you for sharing such a tender part of your memories and yourself.

  11. I completely agree with the title. There is something about love (and weddings)... totally addictive (and contagious).

  12. Weddings are happy and romantic times. Tea is a real icebreaker.

  13. Not so much an old egg maybe soft boiled.

  14. This really describes what many would consider an unremarkable event (waking up with a spouse) with such beauty. And even after (what I imagine to be) aong marriage, the "simple things" are portrayed with such care. This is a description of true love.