Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Watching clouds drift by

I looked out the window
Watching the clouds drifting by
Even they wouldn't talk to me

How I love solitude
That quiet peace when I am king
And the distant tree tops wave at me

I hang the washing out
Birds scatter they know I like peace
They're always watching me

The only thing I like
Is my ancient chiming clock
Without it I'd be all at sea

We while away the hours
Be it sunshine or in snow
For the rest, just let me be

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  1. Ahh Robin, your moments of solitude are few and hard earned. Enjoy them, while you can.

    Robin, in your 3rd stanza, 2 2nd, should it be: "Birds scatter they know I like peace"; instead of: "Birds scatter the know...."?

  2. You describe wonderful moments with yourself and the sound of your clock. Such good company.

  3. I feel the peace and I love how "the distant tree tops wave at me" Nice poem

  4. The opening verse sets the tone of solitude. I do worry though when the clouds won't talk to me.

  5. I know how companionable a ticking clock can be.........when I was a child, in my grandma's small house, you could hear the clock ticking in all the four rooms of the house, from its perch on the kitchen windowsill. I like the image of hanging laundry out on the line.......I miss doing that, in my current phase of apartment living.

  6. A lovely calm as the speaker and his clock while away hours. What a great place to be, with no rush to be somewhere else!

  7. Nice to share time with your solitude. You are absorbed in a much greater scheme of things and you have a well earned place. Enjoy

    Thank you for dropping by my blog Robin


  8. Something comforting about hanging washing on the line in the bush. Almost a spiritual experience.

  9. I love the fact that nature respects the speaker's solitude. That even when it stays around, doing the things natural things do, as a whole he is alone to choose what he wants to do with his time.

  10. I enjoyed your solitary moments, Robin. If it's any consolation, the clouds wouldn't talk to me today either. The birds are more considerate, it seems!

  11. "..that quiet place where I am King..." love it!

  12. The first stanza shows clouds snubbing the narrator, but then things lighten up. As he grows to enjoy being solitary, the reader lightens up too.

  13. Whiling away time with a chiming clock... that is a peaceful thought...