Sunday, 17 March 2019

Her sound of silence

There is something quite erotic
Dining your girl by candle light
Flames flickering in her green eyes
And hearing her seductive sighs
As she looks all around the walls 
Then back to you she shines her eyes
As clearly she admires your choice
Of room for your overture of love
Those wicked words whilst holding hands
To sanction your life together
Painting pictures of love and fun
Far into the future....she listens
Wondering if to shrink away
Or grasp the offer without complaint
But then your heart falls with the sound
Of silence as she shakes her head

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  1. Not meant to be - means there is something better waiting round the corner!

  2. Oh, how sad to share one's bright dreams and be answered with a shake of the head, "no". You paint the scene so well, Robin.

  3. Ah well, I guess they can't all have happy endings – but I was quite caught up in this, anticipating one.

  4. What an interesting scheme you set. I was captivated by the possibilities, and then....and then...I am sure he must be devastated.

  5. Aw, that's tough. But it's better to know so he can move on to something that will work out.

  6. Ah.. as they say.. there is other fish in the sea ❤️

  7. Oh! Isn't it just terrible, how such a tiny movement can break a heart?

  8. Despite the best intentions... well hope there is someone else...

  9. Life doesn't go as planned...another day, another lady perhaps will be the "one".

  10. Oh those times, when the silence is deafening. You have captured the sound of a heart falling so well here, Robin.

  11. Oh dear, what fall after such a rising of words. Bravo on a breathtaking write
    Happy you dropped by my sumie Sunday Bjorn


  12. I certainly wasn't prepared for that head shake at the end. How disappointed the young man must have been!