Saturday, 16 March 2019

Rose Claire

I rose up one morning 
With my eyes full of glee
So thought I'd take a walk
To see what I could see

Do forgive me sweet girls
I have a roving eye
Sat in a rose garden
To see what I could spy

I took some old breadcrumbs
To feed the birds down there
And they came pretty soon
Plus girl with raven hair

Not long before we talked
Her name was Rose Claire
She loved that birds came close
Pecking crumbs without care

"Rose" I asked, she looked up
Her eyes shone beautifully 
I rose up then kneeled down
"Please with you marry me?"

Her soft hand touched my cheek
Fingers close to my lips
I kissed them while I could
Those sensuous fingertips

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  1. Such romantic homographing here, Robin!❤️

  2. Her hand on his cheek reads like a gentle but ominous goodbye. I'm glad he got to kiss those fingertips for a while...

  3. Oh this was a fast movement... Maybe with a little more patience maybe it would have been more succesful

  4. Did she say yes...I am left with a question. Love the quick, enchanted heart move of this.

  5. 'while I could' hints at a not-quite-happy ending for this proposal – but perhaps he was a bit light-hearted and hasty about it anyway. Nevertheless, a sweet read.

  6. Love this, Robin. What was her answer???

  7. Hoping for a yes in the future! This is so sweet Robin!!

  8. A fast worker will leave the crumbs to those behind. She did say yes, right? A fun read Robin!