Saturday, 9 March 2019

The bully boy

When I was just a little kid
What seems a thousand years ago
Playing at the schools rusty gate
Along did come the bully boy
Who said "I wan't your money mate"
"Ain't got any" I sadly said
Screwed my face up waiting for a punch
"C'mon you turd, I didn't have my lunch"

Just then a teacher comes up
Stares in the bully's ugly face
"Heard every word you useless pup"
"You really are a damned disgace"
Then teacher told me "Move away"
As he then took the boy inside
To see the Head in his office high
Later saw the boy had had a cry

In those days rules were very strict
The bully boy never came back
Heard later he was a convict
As other crimes he did enact
How gormless could he really be?
Bullying completely vanished
What was good that all my schools
Kids were never such silly fools

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  1. They never mend their ways and get into deeper trouble as they go along. At least the kids are not being silly like them!


  2. Atleast the rules in those days prevented bullies from destroying other children's lives.. sigh..

  3. Wish we could say the same about living in the present, sadly bullying runs rampant.

  4. Such a specific slice of life with big implications. For sure I knew some kids like your bully here, and they did go on to lives of crime and violence, but I would never call them gormless as their choices take a lot of wit. But also true, bullying is still rampant and maybe harder to detect and address... sigh. Thanks for this reflection

  5. I remember more the bullies getting their way... for the rest it was all about hiding.

  6. Good on the teacher. I wish things were that simple today. It seems that to even look at a bully the wrong way can create a world of trouble for a teacher. It makes no sense... especially when letting bullies run abusively wild only ends up creating horrors for them and others.

  7. Bullies, we have all dealt with them. Yeah for the teacher!

  8. We generally do hear of them later being involved in undesirable activities.