Tuesday, 12 March 2019

March here is sunny bliss

What visions March has for me
Living once in England's clime
Willing spring to show its face
When still around was winter's frosty rime

I left those shores years ago
Sailing to another place
To Australia I did go
To warmer clime was no disgrace

March here is sunny bliss
Summer takes it's time to leave
Sea welcomes with a warm kiss!
And winters spot of rain? Hard to perceive

It depends on where you go
Oz is a mighty country
Satisfy any lad or beau
No March hares but snakes and sharks aplenty

Image found at https://southaustralia.com/travel-blog/5-of-the-best-beaches-in-adelaide

P.S. This is the beach at Glenelg, South Australia where I live where winter is in June, July & August


  1. Monday WRites 196 is live, i invite you to link in

    much love...

  2. Its hot hot here in St James Trinidad

    much love...

  3. Winter is slowly departing here ❤️ and we are awaiting the arrival of Spring. Between you and me .. this has been a memorable one!!

  4. It is still chilly here and will be until almost Mother's day. But it is getting slowly warmer and the sun is blessed.

  5. Sure looks like a good place! My winters are even a little warmer than yours, up here on the Tweed River near Mt Warning.

  6. Nice climate write, Robin. I like your rhyme while the longer fourth lines seem just right. Here in the Houston (Texas) area we've had a mild winter and most was as if spring.