Thursday, 14 March 2019

I wonder...

I wonder how long I will live?
Now my brain is much like a sieve
Will I live in a comatose state?
Sadly being force fed
Lying in hospital bed

Will I keep writing useless rhyme?
Just to pass away my time
Will I wander round retirement home?
Chatting to garden gnomes
Because they are all alone

Will they find me watching TV?
Dunking biscuits in my tea
Trusty notepad at my side
Happy in my later years
Writing tales of joy and tears can count on it!

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  1. I hope you are there writing and I am here reading.

  2. Yes, as long as we keep writing and people keep reading, all will be well.

  3. Doesn't sound like such a bad gig at all, Egg.

  4. no intent to lie in a bed... hope to go out swinging ~

  5. I have seen many elderly people in the skilled nursing facility. No one is force fed anymore but I have observed all the other behaviors you ask questions about.

    1. Some comatose patients are drip fed in their veins. However recenty a nursing care home in Australia was closed down as carers were found to be force feeding and being cruel to residents who were uncooperative.

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  7. I'm like your writer, Robin. I really have no taste for life when I no longer enjoy it, I feel my useful life is over. I have talked of moving to the state of Oregon where assisted suicide is legal. I'd better do it soon while I still have a mind that can tell me when it's time. Too late if I'm like what your guy who doesn't want to be.