Wednesday, 13 March 2019

The neighbors dog

Many, many long years ago
When I was young with just my bro
Used to be sent outside to play
Spring, summer and autumn days

Neighbors dog got to know of this
Thought 'twas something he could not miss
Would jump the fence to join our gang
Sniffing around for every tang

When we ran he would run as well
Grinning when he sniffed a bluebell
Then jumped into streams just for fun
Then shake the drops on us when done

But shook his head when we climbed trees
Gave him chance to smell woodland breeze
Then follow us on our long trip home
Tongue hanging from his mouth alone

He'd rarely poke his head in our door
Just grinning asks "Do this once more?"
Then race down garden then under fence
Bob the dog with commonsense

But Bob was never on a lead
Didn't mind, didn't see the need
But one day he crossed the main road
Clipped by truck ran to our abode

Luckily the damage was slight
But it gave us and him a fright
We kept well away from traffic
As we hated to see him sick

Neighbors knew nought of this event
Free running Bob often absent
But he took care on future trips
Knowing trucks might give him the yips

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Yes, there was Bob the dog in my childhood. As soon as we opened our back door and he heard our voices he would jump the neighbors gate come running up to us tail wagging and would do whatever we did but preferring the trips in the woods to chase squrrels or the open fields to chase us around. He wasn't keen on us climbing trees though! Yes, he was clipped by an army truck about 1944-5 as he decided to cross the road before us but no bones were broken. Sorry this is not his photo as camera roll film was virtually unobtainable in wartime Britain unless you had bought it pre war!  


  1. Love Bob the dog. Every good neighborhood has a cat or a dog like this.

  2. "Then race down garden then under fence
    Bob the dog with commonsense"

    Poor Bob for getting clipped, but it could have been worse. This is quite a fun poem.

  3. So nice to have been able to have Bob as your friend. It sounds like you shared some wonderful naughty times.

    (Thanks for letting me know my poem wasn't posting to PU. I reentered it. Don't know what happened.)

  4. He must have loved having you boys to play with and make his days exciting..........and how lovely for boys to have a dog to hang out with.

  5. Bygone days were so cheerful in spite of wars and all. Love Bob & how you enjoyed each other's company.

  6. Great memories, Robin. I used to love walking our dog and meeting neighbours, as well as petting neighbourhood cats. I love the way Bob jumped the fence to join the gang!

  7. Bob the dog was lucky to find two boys to have adventures with.

  8. Bob the dog sounds adorable!❤️ I am so glad he was with you and the gang in those days.

  9. Oh my! What sweet memories. Bob was lucky and sounds so sweet!