Monday, 1 April 2019

Month April was cross

My girl's named April
And she likes tossing her hair
Eyes looking at me

And she spun around
Her feet planted on the ground
Beckoning to me

I took her warm hand
And waltzed her madly around
Hugging close to me

Month April was cross
So the clouds gathered above
Rained on her and me

But we both chuckled
With our two faces now wet
We're in love you see

Then kissed each other
For we plan to wed in June
Faces filled with glee

Image found at rain


  1. Awww. Such cute verses and I love the rhyming!

  2. A beautiful dedication indeed for the beautiful girl!

  3. How could one not be happy with a woman named April?

  4. Such romantic rhyming here, Robin!💖 Lovely first poem in April 😊

  5. Though in Brazil naming someone after a month would sound really weird, I find April a lovely name for a girl. What an adorable poem for a start.

  6. I always enjoy your love story-poems, Robin. April can be a capricious month.

  7. Such a lovely name, April, but I don’t know anybody who goes by it these days. This is a sweet poem, Robin - I'm a sucker for a happy ending!

  8. So in the U.S. I have a second cousin called April Dawn.