Saturday, 9 March 2019

The attic

I was sorting out the attic
The rain was streaming down outside
With window in the gable end
It was the best place at home to hide

Wife was spring cleaning down below
I thought it best to disappear
Armed with bags and other stuff
She said I've not been there for years

Doesn't take long to get waylaid
In this dusty place, memories realm
Rosary beads, purses, childs shoes
Long gone relatives caught on film

How much time did I waste that day?
Open boxes telling the past
Getting tissues to quell my tears
Knowing how much time had past

"It's time for tea" my wife calls out
Sees the tears that are on my face
"I can see you are having fun"
Kisses me, says "That's no disgrace"

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  1. Indeed no disgrace in a bit of reminiscing and indulging in good old memories... the little bits of our lives...

  2. No disgrace at all... And we've all been there... Such strong resonances effectively captured here...

  3. Attics are the place of stored memories for sure. I loved this, Robin.

  4. I know the feeling of having to clean out the memories... we are in the process to do it with my mother's house.

  5. Moments of reminiscing are always fun. No shame in that whatsoever

  6. Oh yes, looking through old treasure can take hours. Not an easy task, and not easy to decide just what to do with them. Indeed easy to get side-tracked and waylaid!

  7. I can certainly feel your words and the tears. There is no disgrace in showing your heart.

  8. Is it really a waste of time to handle old familiar objects in the attic?

  9. Aw. I find this so moving! Especially how you built in the wife as one who knew and one who knows. People don't know how moved they'll be until they enter the attics of their lives.

  10. How wise, was thw wife! Indeed no disgrace to be moved to tears in memory lane
    Happy Sunday


  11. It's actually beautiful to rummage through the old stuff and cry those tears of nostalgia. Very moving! :-)

  12. Oh yes, trying to declutter the old stuff tends to have that effect!

  13. I've gotten lost in memories too while trying to clean up.

  14. never a waste of time, it's time well spent to remember and sort, clear out what's no longer needed. You captured a feeling in this poem

  15. Love it! Just beautiful, Robin. You have sketched this scene so tenderly and with such evocation, I was genuinely moved. This, for me, is up there with some of your best work!