Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Never thought about it

Never thought about empowerment
Until my girl and I got married
And then I realized what it meant

Once single and without one care
Such thoughts had never crossed my mind
Now I had great burdens to bear

For now I was responsible
For a wife and quite a lot more
But she was quite irresistable

The rent, the chores, feeding the cat
Lock the doors, help with washing up
Long gone days I thought nought of that

Before a lad playing the game
Now have wife with me all the time
I've grown up and she has my name

Responsibility is great
What strength it's given both of us
She really is the best of mates

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  1. Surprisingly direct, dear poet, truthful and loving. When two people can empower each other, the world is theirs.

  2. Deep bond has that power of making each partner strong and responsible. "I've grown up"... Hmmm this happens :)

    1. It's a miracle (or sorts) when two people grow up together, but a great tragedy, of course, when they don't, and end up going their separate ways.

  3. Such a deep loving poem and yes responsibility is part of it and that's how we grow

  4. Very cool, Robin. The way it's meant to be.

  5. This is incredibly heartfelt, Robin!❤️ Love really does have the ability to empower when it resides in one another!

  6. "Responsibility is great
    What strength it's given both of us"

    Committment, responsibility, the love bond just great. Surely an empowering poem Robin.
    Happy you dropped by my blog


  7. Commitment shines through your words. So beautiful!