Friday, 27 July 2018

Walk by the river

A warm summer's day
I parked the car off the road
Walked to the river

There under the trees
Thinking about life and death
My mind drifting off

Then when I awoke
Somebody sat by my side
It was Death himself

"You know that it's time?
He asked and I understood
"One last walk?" I asked

Laughing, shook his head
"Why not" he said getting up
As I got up too

He took river side
Lest I tried to escape him
As we strolled along

At the river's bend
I pushed him in the water
Ran off to the car

I had driven off 
Well before he could get out
So I win round one

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  1. Good for you Oldegg, the time wasn't right.

  2. Good for you Robin! Dunk him!

  3. I am so glad! Keep eluding him. We need you! I am doing the same at this end, lol.

  4. Riverside wasn't so wise on His part...

  5. Father Time without his sythe. And the good guy, the girl, won. Run, girl, run!

  6. Excellent writing Robin, I laughed out loud at the second last paragraph!
    Keep shining
    Peggy xxx

  7. To be able to run from death only works for a while... a sense of the seventh seal in this.

  8. I love the thought to pushing death into the river and running away. That is pretty humor commentary when you think about the metaphor. This works on so many levels. Well done and thanks for posting to the Out of Standard.