Saturday, 21 July 2018

Spaced out wife

I could cry, I've received this letter
She has such beautiful handwriting
Calligraphy much to be admired
So good it should be bound in a book

There were cracks of course in our affair
The dark side was that both did wrong
Joy her name, she filled my loving cup
How passionate our love, in her nook

I liked the way she flicked her red hair
As eager me undid her bra strap
And when time was up she'd tap my nose
Then say,"Time to go, you are a sook"

Most affairs are tinged with troubled times
She knew I was married, that was true
Hoped I'd be more than part time lover
When I said no, she gave me that look

I could cry read her letter once more
We have both been hurt, that is so true
But now my wife knows of the affair
Future liaisons she will not brook

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  1. Enjoyed your well wordled poem. Glad the wife knows. I like "in her nook."

  2. a deft use of the prompt words

  3. Very cleverly worded, the human heart is complicated and so simple at the same time