Sunday, 8 July 2018


How I remember Annabel
Whose green eyes I first caught at school
I walked her home and at her porch
Did kiss her lips which was so cool

Promised to see me the next day
But then she turned and went on in
I felt so sad under the eaves
So turned and ran home with a grin

"You forgot the bread" My Mum said
"Had to go to the corner shop"
"Sorry Mum, I met this girl"
She smiled, smoothed my hair on top

That night I slept, but tossed and turned
Wondering what gift for her to make
As her birthday was coming soon
Seventeen candles on the cake

So walked next day to pick her up
At the porch rang bell to her house
Her dad said she gone with Jack White
That rocked me, "Jack White, you're a louse!"

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  1. Oh, what a disappointment. Happens all too often in life.

  2. I the lips were HOT that the speaker found so cool to kiss!

  3. Nice reference placement of the Detroit rocker, Jack White, Robin. I haven't heard or seen his name, in years.

  4. I remember being seventeen. So impossibly young. Your poem took me back to a brown eyed boy, picking a blossom off a tree, and handing it to me, saying "poor man's orchid." Wow.

  5. Oh gosh I remember being seventeen.. broke a few male hearts myself!

  6. Robin no one captures young love and matters of the heart when we are young quite like you. Always love your poetic stories from years passed.

  7. Ah, thwarted young love. So painful!

  8. Haha! Win some, lose some. Vivid. I have to tell you, Robin, how much I've been enjoying your comments on my poems.

  9. The hardships of early love.. you rock this genre Robin!

  10. Goodness I was engaged at seventeen. Love can be fickle at that age though. Love your poem!

  11. Teens years in all innocence can be lots of fun times! A long learning curve is useful!


  12. that's too bad! darn that Jack White...

  13. Oh, that teenage angst! Glad I don't have to experience all that any more.