Tuesday, 17 July 2018

I laughed

I laughed of course
At this weeks prompt
At the thought of poets pecking free
As they wrote today's poetry

As my mind scours
For bright ideas
Of politician with hair like straw
Or perhaps wildlife in the raw

But know my place
It's no disgrace
To stick to subject close to my heart
And write of young love, that's a start

Look in his eyes
Breathe in her scent
As they murmur words of passion's play
And dream of their own wedding day

Image found at https://pixabay.com/en/lovers-pair-young-woman-man-414201/


  1. Ah, the misunderstood poets lament. You do write a lot of the various stages in the life of romance. You didn't write for the last prompt so you missed my tricube poem of very very young love. Remember, we were limited to three syllables per line.
    My current writing I missed my mark, I had wanted it to portray a young couples outage into the world's forays.
    I left this reply to your comment,
    "Veey true, these brave were very much in my mind when I wrote. I've made a few changes, when I started writing I didn't necessarily want to mean a war between political entities, but also any of life's conflicts."

  2. I adore your poems regarding love and romance, Robin. Happy Tuesday!💞

  3. doom, despair, outrage are rarely my pick - it doesn't come naturally nor do I want to linger long on them for life is too short. I deal with those issues, I just don't want to devote my free time to them.

  4. Oh, we need that touch of innocence to help us breathe something other than the anger in the wind.

  5. I rather enjoy a good love poem. The rotting orange infects too much as is.

  6. As they murmur words of passion's play
    And dream of their own wedding day

    They get little doses along the way. The ultimate is the wedding to come later!


  7. If we could all focus on love, what a better world it would be! Meanwhile, you assist some of us to turn our thoughts to love and joy as we read, and that can only be good.