Wednesday, 25 July 2018

An untroubled world

Oh to be in a wilderness
To start from day one
To live this life a'loving
Birds, beasts, fish, everyone

I look around and see the mess
That humans have made
On this beautiful planet
We'll get no accolade

'Was eaten by a bear last night
Which seems only fair
We raped and pillaged all our lives
A creature with no care

Just as well; we loved fighting wars
Our kind have now all gone
The world will start again this day
They'll cope now, on and on

Oh to be in that wilderness
A beautiful wild world
To live our lives a'loving
A paradise dreamworld

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  1. Wow! If only this fantasy were a possible future. I love how your poem/story is both acceptance and regret.

  2. Your wilderness has the quality for sanctuary. Mine today is sans sanity

    much love...

  3. Robin, only one problem, dreams don't always match the physical reality of the world, before us.

  4. A world without humans would be a paradise indeed. If only we recognized how lucky we are and took care. I hear the wildlife has flourished in Chernobyl now the humans have gone. That says a lot.

    1. Amazing isn't it Sherry - animals can naturally adapt and overcome faster, even in the face of the most horrific disasters, like Chernobyl. All without human interference. Speaks volumes.

  5. I really like the image of the bears Robin. Brings a smile to my face. And I totally am thrilled with this poem - for the lighthearted feeling, given from the point of view, of "just desserts" so to speak. It was wholly unexpected and so, it is a great pleasure to read this - especially since the voice of the narrator has both regret and a wise, after the fact lesson learned. Now if such dreams could be real - and if indeed, as others have noted, we could and would be far more attentive - but such is life.

  6. Dark times ahead if we continue on like this.

  7. Oh to be in that wilderness
    A paradise dreamworld

    With all the distractions imposed on a now troubled world one can only wish for whatever is left of the wilderness! Very true Robin!


  8. Yup.. the one species that needs to go is ours..

  9. "Oh to be in that wilderness"...This is my prayer too, though humans deserve extinction for the planet's safety.

  10. I love the picture of the bears in the tree, Robin! Is that a mother and her cubs? If only we could turn the clock back and the planet could be as it once was.

  11. I love your juxtaposition of the photo with these heartfelt verses.

  12. I wonder if humankind will ever learn to live in harmony with our earth.
    Only time will tell.
    Your poems always give me food for thought Robin.
    Peggy xxxxx

  13. Your semi-lighthearted take on the prompt has a dark underside...

  14. Wonderful wilderness portrait, Robin. Loved the photo, and the hints of "what goes around comes around".