Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Lady Liberty

Oh what false people we are
To wave a flag of freedom
Then deny it to those that come
Hand in hand with their children

Whether to the United States
Or far flung Australia
Lady Liberty hides her face
As migrants treated like scum

Children cry all by themselves
Bright eyes now filled with tears
They'll remember all their lives
Perhaps one day they'll vote too

Some internees now self harm
As courage and hope are lost
Bright futures now fade to gray
As local people greet the day

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  1. That is a sobering thought - what this is doing to the children, that will stay with them as adults. No good can come of such cruel policies. Well said, Robin.

  2. Sadly, this isn't new, Robin. As history books are full of photos and personal recount of discrimination against those, who immigrate to a new land. Legal or otherwise.

  3. Yes, we are not having great celebrations this year on this our independence day. While we have much to be grateful for, we know how much harm we could be preventing, especially for the children who will be the future. Good, if sad capture, Robin.

  4. Children cry all by themselves
    Bright eyes now filled with tears

    They had cried at the border even before being repatriated (where there'll be more tears!)


  5. "Children cry all by themselves"...Absolutely heartbreaking. But this is the familiar way of a tyrant.

  6. Sad indeed. Face or Farce now this is the present day question

    Thanks for dropping by my blog Robin


  7. We have little or nothing to be proud of.

  8. It's pure insanity. How much longer until my neighbors wake up to the idiocy they committed at the last election?

  9. That first stanza is such a powerful sum of things Robin!

  10. The psychological effects on these children will likely continue for years.

  11. A very poignant piece of writing Robin. Your words have captured the seriousness of the situation. History will not be kind to us. Peggy xxxx