Friday, 20 July 2018

I sit in the garden

Warm breeze softly blows
Sat in the garden
Sweet scent of roses
Reminds me of you
Image in my mind

You left such a day
Will you come again?
Save for in my dream
Love lasts for all time
Like glue we should bind

Are you butterfly?
Settling on my hand
Or blackbird searching
The strawberry patch
He clearly looks kind

No, that's not the case
A breeze kisses me
Summer's gentle touch
Wind softly whispers
You, I'll always find

Words used: dreams, softly, rose, image

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  1. So love filled and enchanting poem. Indeed love can be felt in the breeze for the memories are alive in our heart.

  2. Aww gosh this is incredibly romantic, Robin!💞

  3. I love the picture you chose for this. Deep longings and love

  4. Nice, Robin. I like your finish with "Summer's gentle touch."

  5. I think love really does only last a long time in our dreams.

  6. It is said, "spirit," is in the wind. That is why you find her there.

  7. Love never fades in dreams. Lovely, Robin. The photo you posted was perfect for this poem.