Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Beryl's treasure

Beryl's life was full of broken dreams
Things never turned out as others' seemed
Yet her face was wreathed in smiles
None knew of her other wiles
Round the op shops she wandered each day
Bargaining for small treasures her way
A Dresden cup all forlorn
Her dresser would now adorn

The sweet sound of an old cuckoo clock
Had her cat Rufus running amok
While Beryl at a yard sale
Found a small porcelain whale

When she died, young niece Sue tidied up
Stunned at each trinket, saucer and cup
"Throw it all out" her mother said
Hid best ones under her bed

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  1. I LOVE yard sales! That's why I don't go anymore. Fun poem!

  2. No I'm paring down too. No more visits to garage sales or Vinnies ( except for books) Sweet poem. Like the rhyming couplets.

  3. A lovely read. Rhyme and rhythm make it all the more pleasant.

  4. I've never been one for garage sales or antique shopping but I have friends who love that. I like how your poem tells the sweeet story of someone who collected little treasures. It's a delightful read.

  5. Oh so sad that her treasures were treasures only to her. I wonder about my treasures, after I'm gone....I hope some will be cherished. I have some good ones.

  6. Lately my treasure trove is in the Dollar Store. What a lovely poem, Robin.

  7. I love op-shopping! And it's a great resource for those of us on lower incomes. Some of the finds are treasures indeed.

  8. Yard sales are apt to make you see hidden treasures in every ornament. A lovely tale.