Sunday, 1 April 2018

Just how long ago was that?

It's bedtime and I'm dreaming
Dreaming again of past days
A cup of English breakfast tea
Mail man knocking on the door
Just how long ago was that?

I remember such small things
Playing cards with your parents
Your sister flirting with me
When she dropped her own boyfriend
Just how long ago was that?

Our cosy nest of two rooms
Toilet and a kitchen sink
Walk to parents house to bath
Before we got a proper home
Just how long ago was that?

We were happy together
For then we built our first home
With just so much work to do
While we were both still working
Just how long ago was that?

The the babies came along
Boy first the girl born at home
We me helping the midwife
As hospital orderly
Just how long ago was that?

What words to write so you read
That I never forget those times
When we blossomed like roses
In that our best of all times
Just how long ago was that?

Could I turn those pages back?
Children are parents now too
While I wait for you to call
To come and join you again
Just how must I wait for that?

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  1. Such sweet remembering, Robin.......but I hope she doesnt call you too soon, as we so love you and your poems. You must have been so thrilled with your new home, and the babies coming along.........such happy years!

  2. A fortunate life you have had. Don't wish for death. Life is rich and precious.You can find comfort in music poetry the natural world and prayer. You have an abundance.

  3. I think the most blessed time in our lives often pass without us noticing... so many things to do so only afterwards when time is running up we notice that we have lived without noticing.

  4. A blessed life indeed! And now blessed by the many memories.

    For myself, I converse with Andrew even now. It's not quite the same but it'll do until....

  5. A bit of a tear welling up as I read this....time passes too quickly sometimes, and so slow at others....I too hope she does not call for you too soon.

  6. Such sweet reminiscence, Robin!💜 It's a blessing indeed not having to worry about tomorrow.

  7. PS: The time will come when we ll see our loved ones again.. but I hope it's not too soon especially for you Robin. We love reading your poetry 💜

  8. Fabulous! I absolutely love this! Up there with some of your best work, Robin.

  9. take these memories as treasures, and try to add more experiences to it. i would like to read more of your poetry. :)