Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Fierce thoughts

I am so fed up
Wish the rest of the world's population was
...with food in their bellies

My heart's filled with grief
Much like the oceans are filled with rubbish
...killing the wildlife there

I smoke with anger
Seeing the atmosphere polluted with filth
...I huff and puff in vain

I watch the children
Accepting that all this is normal
...recalling wars I survived

No-one realizes
That we are fighting a war again now
...for our kids survival

Image found at https://friendsoftheearth.uk/plastics


  1. Some of us do realise, and do what little we can – but those in positions of power are strangely short-sighted.

  2. So true, most people seem blissfully unaware...

  3. A timely message in your words....I hope we wake up soon to save the kids.

  4. "I watch the children
    Accepting that all this is normal
    ...recalling wars I survived"

    This is such a critical stanza before your end stanza

    much love...

  5. I saw a video of someone swimming in an ocean of trash and it nearly turned my stomach. I sometimes wonder if future generations will curse us for our thoughtlessness.

  6. Thanks, O.E. We need to tell the world this. People whose purses grow with the filth may believe though their growth of $$$ comes at the cost of their kids attempts to reconcile and survive. Politicans could fix things.

  7. I called my local and state politician's ... I was added to the "tally". I was sickened by a video that showed how much plastic is in our oceans... Very sad.

  8. These days, to see reality is to rage. Anyone who isn't screaming for change is blind. And it's maddening to be surrounded by so many unseeing people.

  9. The good news is that there are now recycling efforts that collect plastics from the oceans. It's not a lot compared to the need, but it's a start.