Wednesday, 21 March 2018

You colour my life

You colour my life
Eyes green like grass in Spring
Lips red as roses in bloom
You are a treasure my wife

You sing songs of love
Your warm hand placed in mine
I love to feel your soft skin
In your glance how your eyes shine

Oh what joy was ours
When living together
As our pink babies arrived
Our hearts light as a feather

I'm dreaming of course
You died all those years past
Awake from my reverie
I now feel grey and downcast

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  1. That grey is mightily enlivened by fine memories!

  2. Such beautiful memories of a life lovingly lived!

  3. Color of love is pure sweetness. Beautiful.

  4. It doesn't matter how long since a loved one died, the love stays alive, brings colour to the living.

  5. Yet still, for we who have been fortunate in love, the memories colour our lives.

  6. As our pink babies arrived
    Our hearts light as a feather

    Such joy when they arrived one by one and grew just as
    fast. All can relate very much to this Robin!


  7. I feel grey and downcast today, but only because it's been raining for almost a week now. No biking...Wonderful words I'd like to have someone to color my life with.