Sunday, 4 March 2018

Coming to the right decision

I should have known that with her eyes
She'd have blue buttons on her clothes
And a pretty turned up nose
And with that flick of her hair
She was the one that I chose

Was surprised her father looked stern
Glaring eye, with shirt and tie
Appraising me with his eye
With my knowledge of few years
Trying to squash his fears

I noticed not his twinkling eye
For then he grinned 'twas all a joke
In my ribs gave me a poke
Fun always his little tease
Girl to wed, he was pleased

Even winked at me in church
As her soft hand I took in mine
And joked in a wedding speech
All about the day I asked
My face a fearful mask

Then finding on our honeymoon
Her clothes in closet touching mine
My head in bed, on her breast
Sure we'd both made the right choice
Side by side, we rejoiced

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  1. A truly heart warming tale..perfection

  2. Life is full of choices...some right and other wrong. One only knows in time.

  3. Beautiful story of a decision thoughtfully made! Love the ending, Robin.

  4. Such a wonderfully heartening write, Robin 💖

  5. What a beautiful love we all hope to have in making our choices.

  6. You always weave the sweetest things, Robin. Love the teasing dad... and the wink. ;-)

  7. A sweet story...haven't we all loved that way?

  8. Such a wonderful love story. And lovely to have lived it! I like the stern yet twinkling father in law!

  9. This is beautiful -- loved it !

  10. I think the father in law was won too... so great when all works out.

  11. I love the fact that decisions were made thoughtfully and that the father's sterness was ajoke. the ending is perfection and so happy.

  12. You made a decision that made you both (and father in-law) happy....such sweet recall.

  13. I love the way you take the simplest scenarios and weave them into touching, romantic stories we can all relate to – the wondrous in the everyday.

  14. Such a sweet, humorous, romantic story. Couldn't help but think of my husband who had to confront my extremely stern grandfather to ask for my hand. It all ended well too.

  15. I love the way that you've pinned this piece to that lovely opening line: 'I should have known that with her eyes'

  16. The romance lives on in your poems!!

  17. Certainly 'happily ever after..'. So many can relate to this, Robin


  18. a romantic love poem. you tell the most charming love stories. :)