Sunday, 18 March 2018

My Frailty

Sweet girl that sugars all my needs
Appears now with bottle in hand
"Wine?" She asks. pouring me a glass
Burning a fond kiss on my heart
Whilst I'm writing in my man cave

Flowers have no hope when she's here
They nod their heads in humility
Petals droop jealous of her flair
Whilst my heart flares with ardent love
Hoping one day she will say "Yes"

Sadly I had not read the signs
For her look, her speech, passed me by
She whispered with a voice that burns
Severing bonds permanently
Then I wept showing my frailty

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  1. A well crafted poem with a flowing narrative of which I really enjoyed reading. How we show our emotional frailty.
    Thank you for sharing.

  2. Love this especially "Burning a fond kiss on my heart."💖

  3. beautifully heartfelt and some superb imagery - especially love how even the flowers are eclipsed

  4. Oh those missed opportunities are heart breakers.

  5. Oh, Robin this is beautifully heartbreaking, especially after we are choked by that ending. We feel the love, the bliss, sip the wine, and weep the tears with the speaker.

    That ending rips at the heart...

  6. The one that got away or the one that wasn't meant to be!!! :)

  7. The sadness of a rebuff....but not frailty, humanity is shown in your tears....I loved how you wove these words today.

  8. I wonder if we humans will ever see weeping as a sign of strength rather than a sign of frailty?

  9. You paint the scene so vividly......i love "burning a fond kiss on my heart".

  10. I think that every relationship hangs on that single moment... if we miss it, there is no going back.

  11. This is beautiful and agonizing..."the missed signs" and the life changes that moment !

  12. I echo MMT's comment. Weeping is often a strength, a necessary out-flowing of emotions.
    I do love your words BTW
    Anna :o]

  13. It is so sad when love doesn't work out as one hopes. A poignant piece of writing.

  14. Beautiful: "Flowers have no hope when she's here
    They nod their heads in humility" Though it's too bad it was not to be more a part of the narrator's life.

  15. I felt in in the pit of my heart.

  16. Men are from Mars. ..etc..The signs are clear as day...we just don't speak the same language.

  17. Wow!!! I was totally absorbed; feeling so happy for the guy. Now i'm totally devastated with him.
    You certainly drew me into this on Robin

    Thanks for dropping in at my Sunday Standard this week

    much love...

  18. Oh, how sad! That middle verse puts me in mind of other Romantic (or anyway, romantic) poets. Byron ... even Shakespeare.

  19. I'd love to know just which severing words she used.