Sunday, 4 March 2018

There's a scar upon my heart

There's a scar upon my heart
A small ache that never leaves
Since you and I are now apart

You're no longer in my arms
There's pain in my sorry soul
My life is not filled with your charms

I feel like a snarling beast
Frustrated you're not close by
And search for you both west and east

I need you sat by our hearth
Then I will feel warm again
And hear you singing in the bath

I haul the logs, saw them up
Sharp is my axe as is my mind
Yet I weep in our loving cup

My mind does see you each day
You're there in clouds and the stars
Just who will take this pain away?

I loved you bar none my love
And touch your clothes in the trunk
I'm sure we'll meet again above

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  1. (sniffing) This is too sad. Beautifully written, but sad.

  2. A beautifully poignant write

  3. Been there. And I wish I hadn't.

  4. Sad. Good.
    I don't get the 'my mine' bit. 'Mind' or am I missing a meaning?

  5. The photo of the axe and the word scar in the title make a compelling juxtaposition. I like "our loving cup."

  6. when the sadness seems too much you bring the hope of reunion above. Yes i the reader can exhale here
    Thanks for dropping by my Sunday Standard this week Robin

    much love...

  7. Monday WRites 144 is live
    Your are invited to link in

    much love...