Sunday, 18 March 2018

But not any more

I cringe in a heap
Like wild wolf in pain
Cornered and wounded
Snarling at shadows

I feel small and weak
You've blighted my life
Cajoled and hurt me
Since you left me alone

Called me unkind names
Hurt by any means
Such was your practice
Of one far

Oh how I loved you
You've gone forever
Except in my mind
O how I loved you

But not any more

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  1. you have described the trauma of a breakup so well.

  2. sad! I hope this isn't based on personal experience, but if it is, I hope you're over it! : )

  3. Triumphant last line, Robin. Smooth flowing writing.

  4. It does beg the question; just how long are we supposed to go on alone?

  5. Surely Robin: enough is enough. Your end line is simple and superb

    Thank you for linking to Monday WRites #146

    much love...

  6. I love the self-realisation here-ended on a powerful note.