Saturday, 6 August 2016

Emotive boyfriend

Crunch on the driveway
As I open the five bar gate
Call on the girlfriend
Before it's too late

She knows I'm coming
Her dad's an irascible man
Instills fear in me
For that is her plan

It's a sin I know
But her kisses are so sweet
The thrill of the chase
Rare times can we meet

We play for an hour
Her breath smells of mint
Has voice that trills like a bird
Now off I must sprint

I flee just in time
To hide in the trees
As I see the dust from his ute
I pray on my knees

Shiver my timbers
That's taken its toll
Although she has been all worth it
She is such a doll

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Ute - Australian slang for Utility or Pick up truck


  1. i think we were right there with him - enjoying the chase!

  2. I went the same sort of way with the words...must be the combination of man and thrill.