Wednesday, 31 August 2016

How lucky I am

I was overrun 
Taken into slavery
Ba greater force

How cunning you were
All sweet smiles and enchantment
Crept under my guard

How blind I have been
Resistance winnowed away
I'm abashed with shame

I fell for your charms
Beguiled by sweetest kisses
Now shackled in love

You conquered my heart
I have come to adore you
How lucky I am

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  1. A sweet conquest. Thanks for dropping by to read mine Robin

    Much love...

  2. Haha! An extreme case of luck, indeed. To be conquered so may be the basis of faith.

  3. Love shackles, when love is kind, must be the best kind!

  4. Is that why so many happy couples try to get others to hook up?

  5. I love how you incorporated those words into the conquest theme. Great skills!

  6. Sometimes it's good to be lucky ;)