Saturday, 13 August 2016

In a muddy creek

We discovered it
In a muddy creek
Off the main river
A sad slimy ship
That once sailed the seas
Abandoned alone
We were delighted
Finding it stand in
That stretch of river
We waded over
Through shallow water
Just the four of us

I was first aboard
To take charge of it
“C’mon my hearties
We’ll sail afore noon”
The others climbed up
To travel abroad
To the seven seas
Young Jim was nervous
Didn’t want to stay              
“Bite the bullet, lad
To the brig you’ll go
If we can’t trust you”

The others nodded
“We’ve burnt our bridges
By hook or by crook
Were renegades now”
So then we cast off
And played at pirates
Until the sunset
Then hunger set in
We abandoned ship
And all raced off home
To eat fish and chips
With our Mum and Dad

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  1. Oh I do love this tale - I feel as though I'm racing from this adventure home with them - can taste the fish and chips . Wonderful!

  2. I love a good adventure.. we thought of being pirates this week too but like Jim chickened out and went for a girly umbrella

  3. Love the adventurous twist here in this exquisite poem :)

    Lots of love,

  4. Didn't we all want to be pirates when young? (Even some of us girls.)

  5. Reminds me of my younger brother and the off-limits ruin of a barge they dove from into the Hudson River. What a wonderful tale, daring and all! You capture an archetypal moment.

  6. Oh those childhood days! We didn't play pirates, but we DID play Robin Hood in our own "Sherwood Forest" (behind a shopping center)! Parents would never let kids go to such a place alone today...but back then we roamed free.

  7. What an enchanting memory... though I guess I would have been scared too.. (maybe I was that little Jim)

  8. This is so wonderful. What lucky lads to find such a vessel to play and dream on. Makes me think of my son and his friend one frigid winter, when they were twelve, and decided to pole a "raft" (piece of wood basically) down the lake. They were late getting home and I went to the lake to see them stranded on a sandbar far offshore........eventually they waded in.

  9. You really touched on the poetry of this scene. What an image! An abandoned ship... lost in mud. This just brings to mind so much poetry.

  10. A page down memory lane is always a welcomed episode. And it was such a wonder to discover it.


  11. This is wonderful! I think, this type of adventure poem, is a genre you might want to consider exploring further, Robin. You have a real knack for bringing such tales to life - indeed, this piece sails clear off the page. Smiles.

  12. What fun! A moment savored, a delightful willingness to play.

  13. o my...cute, cute cute all over...specially the end, returning to mum and dad....

  14. A lovely story. Old ships never die, they just become playgrounds.

  15. Playful twist!
    Pirates would get a grand welcome by their parents :)