Saturday, 20 August 2016

She'd disappeared

He lifted his head
A noise was heard
So cringed as usual
Lest a boot be used
Now master was home

Dutifully he rose
A small wag of tail
Then he spun around
His duty performed
Imprinted on his brain

For he knew his job
Always bark and snarl
When he heard a noise
Keep out of the way
At all other times

He dreamed many things
Howling at the moon
Running in the mist
Being free of ticks
Living far from him

Licking friendly hands
Being trim and brushed
Being petted by
That lady who came
Who stroked his fur

Who'd gave him a chip
She'd disappeared
The man had fought her
It all stemmed from that
He'll shoot me next

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  1. Oh no - poor dog.. and rotten humans (some at least)..

  2. oh dear, poor dog!

  3. It's so true. In domestic disputes, pets are often victims as well. This was very powerful.

  4. Unfortunately, true-to-life in so many cases. The dumb brutes are the human males.