Wednesday, 11 May 2016


Hello loneliness
Damned companion at my side
Forever with me

How cherished you were
True love and light of my life
A host of memories

But now you have gone
And time like a babbling brook
Flows carelessly on

Yet the birds sing on
Clouds still drift across the sky
Thunder's in my heart

Beating a rhythm
Sending a message to you
From one who loves you

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  1. Loneliness is the one companion who never fails to leave - damn it can be a cruel friend..cruel as time going on when it doesn't feel right - an emotive and strong poem

  2. A sad poem of loneliness and the absence of a loved one. Beautifully expressed and seamless use of the words.Well done !

  3. aw this is so sad but beautiful at the smae time

  4. Sweet and sad at the same time. Beautifully said.

  5. Sending a message to you
    From one who loves you

    The yearnings of true love knows no bounds. Often just hearing a song shared together before can mend the pain. What more than to be holding hands and in each other's company.