Sunday, 15 May 2016

Her wistful smile

A shy teenager 
Cannot believe the beauty
Of that girl in class

Groom at his wedding
Sees none other but his bride
With her wistful smile

A mother's child is
Her most beautiful creation
She blushes with pride

I touch your warm skin
This is where happiness lies
As I look in your eyes

What's more beautiful
Than the seas whispering song
Holding your hand

And you my angel
You'll be with me in heaven
For we cannot part

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  1. Such a heart warming write :D Love the interpretation of the painting. I can picture those seas whispering her name in song as they walk alongside the beach. Beautifully executed.

    Thank you so much for participating at Prompt Nights and for your constant love and support :D

    Lots of love,

  2. Some lovely images here. Hopefully the groom will feel the same way about his bride a LONG time after his wedding day. And the happiness of looking into the eyes of one's beloved cannot be surpassed.

  3. That is exactly how love is... we see beauty in what we love, we do not always love just beauty.

  4. Lovely Robin...I love how you show us each that our beauty and the beauty around us in really within each of us to discover.

  5. How quickly life can pass - the best connections and love transcend time however..thankfully

  6. Oh, this is so lovely, especially your closing lines. Sigh. That is true love, for certain.

  7. Luv the eternal quality and bliss of the enarmored in your poem Robin

    Much love...

  8. Not only romantic but deeply truthful. These ARE the things that matter.

  9. Though one might part sooner they will again be together in the other realm.

  10. Shivering at the depth of this love, for true love is the most beautiful XXX

  11. So true and romantic. A beautiful portrayal!

  12. Very lovely, and I look forward to summer walks on the beach with my hubby as we visit our friend in California.

  13. Folding all this history and future together provides a mystical delight. Thank you.

  14. Beautiful and so romantic...!! Love this..

  15. Your poem looks like snapshots of love and beauty. Such sweetness. And so much light to be had. ♥

  16. For all the goodness of love in one's life and the afterlife. It cannot be better than that!


  17. Very pretty expression of the myriad ways love touches us