Friday, 27 May 2016

Cold winter creeps in

Cold winter creeps in
Discontent settles abroad
Old Tawny owl hoots

It's a chill morning
Mists rise reluctantly now
The vines are withered

Icy tassels cling
Like frozen worms waiting there
To trap passers by

Splashed mud plasters all
To repair some unseen cracks
Of some mad tradesman

Wildlife has now fled
To their diverse safe havens
Birds to warmer climes

Animals sleeping
Dreaming of a glorious spring
Or such lucid thoughts

And me, you now ask
Just how then do I survive?
My love keeps me warm

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  1. Yes it does - what a wonderful last line - the warmth of your soul and love of the world shines here :)

  2. Ah yes, many ways to keep the chill of Winter at bay! Nice one, Old Egg!

  3. Your words create nice imagery. It's refreshing because here the weather is too hot :)