Wednesday, 25 May 2016

A wonder to behold

What a change had occurred
this former wallflower
had bloomed like an orchid
shy withdrawn with no flair
had changed overnight to
be happy-go-lucky
joyous and outgoing
a wonder to behold

Once she was ignorant
now she was colorful
her eyes sparkled with joy
while others looked envious
no wonder they all stared
it was the diamond ring
on her finger of course
she shone with happiness

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  1. I wonder if that ring is a true shine from within or a glamour.. i guess she will live and learn - as we all do - a clever and wonder-full poem

  2. 'she shone with happiness' I love that line and yes sometimes finding the right person can make you more yourself and more self assured.

  3. I love stories of transformation. To be transformed by love is all the better. Thanks for a good read.

  4. From a wallflower to an orchid - the story of my life, though possibly the wrong way round! Ring-a-ding.

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