Saturday, 28 May 2016

A ship sails in sight

Oh that I would drownèd be
Wrecked on lonely shore is me
Dressed in rags no sustenance
Such terrible happenstance
Not one soul to accompany me

Shelter shelter I must find
Lest I fail in this cruel wind
Cursing captain and the crew
That met this storm for they knew
The sea is not always kind

Palm fronds shall my shelter be
Coconut to comfort me
Blow wind blow go blow away
Let me see a sunlit day
Now saved I am from the sea

What speech this, not heard before
As I awake upon the shore
Oh no! The natives of this place
Will surely show death's cruel face
Not give me some succour

They jabber and laugh with glee
Then they pull me to my feet
I see some now fishing by
The tide is now at its high
Children run to look at me

They poke their hands in my skin
And scamper off all laughing
The women now come to stare
I gulp seeing breasts all bare
They chatter and all do grin

Before long I'm one of them
Accepted they do not condemn
My clumsy tongue and strange ways
One girl sets my heart ablaze
I love her she is a gem

One day a ship sails in sight
Now I'm fearful of my plight
Should I sail with them again?
No this is my home, no pain
I'll not leave my future's bright

As always my mind takes me on adventurous journeys and the prompt word "Despair'" although not used is implied in the first four verses and the last of course! It is best to read this with an 18th century English accent! Verses rhyme 1,1,2,2,1. 

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  1. A shade of the Tempest here Old Egg - a wonderful flight/sail of fancy..if he does decide to stay i hope she is real!

  2. This is bril! I read it out loud with an ancient accent. I hope the neighbours didn't hear me!

    My Sunday Threesome!