Wednesday, 18 May 2016

It was raining out

It was raining out
I dashed to the art gallery
To wile away time 

I am a sucker 
For the old impressionists
But there were few there

I could go giddy
Over all Monet's landscapes
And Renoir's women

But this place had none
Just modern art at its best
The catalog said

Rules were forgotten
Painter bullying viewer
Masochistic art

"It's so enchanting"
Said the woman by my side
I managed a grunt

"It is frenetic"
I said hoping that would please
I got a doubtful nod

As I walked away
She followed wanting to talk
So then I let loose

"They're fanatical
Products of the age of war
Beauty lost from sight"

"Shall we have coffee?"
She then asked me with a smile
Yes! I could paint her

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  1. Every rain cloud has a silver lining.. and a cup of coffee with good company at the end...hopefully...modern art can be loud and soft edges..although full of the notion of masochistic art..

  2. Conversations that end in coffee can't be half bad, even with differing opinions on art!!

  3. A unique take on the subject. And a potential spreader of doom seduced by coffee! Very cool chain reaction.

  4. Your poem has left me speechless with awe.
    Beautifully penned.

    Lots of love,

  5. A Picasso can be so captivating. Perhaps the reason to talk over coffee!


  6. "Rules were forgotten
    Painter bullying viewer
    Masochistic art"'s quite a unique take on the prompt OE :)

  7. I LOVE this story!!!!! "Product of the age of war, beauty lost from sight". I think that describes our disenchanted age very well, Robin. An intriguing response to the prompt, and love the invitation to coffee at the end. A discussion to be continued. Smiles.

  8. But would you bully her?

    I love the line Painter bullying viewer".

    1. No! Art appreciation and relationships are not necessarily related. "Vive la difference!"

  9. This is a great take, pushing our view points finding some validation and end up having coffee over it. If only every situation ended this way :)

  10. Really enjoyed this scene you painted here. I hope they had a good discussion over coffee.

  11. subtly done... the bullying is almost incidental yet is a major motif

  12. Interesting take. Not quite sure if it is the painter that is the bully, more so those self-opinionated critics who decide 'modern art' is art (when it is far from it) and the sheep amongst us just follow...
    Well done for standing firm in your beliefs.
    Anna :o]