Saturday, 14 May 2016

A quiet moment

She entered the church
Silently sat in a pew
Drinking in the calm

No one else was there
She prayed for her family
Wherever they were

Relaxed she got up
Lit a candle for someone
To burn by itself

Stranger to the church
She slowly walked all around
Glad she was alone

The stained glass windows
Painting of the last supper
Hung by the choir stalls

Altar cloth was white
She sat by the chancel screen
And tried not to cry

A bible was open
Tale of the loaves and fishes
Her tears fell freely

Back at the entrance
She placed money in the alms box
Then took herself off 

In the balcony
The cleaner had made no sound
Lest that he was seen

He climbed down the stairs
Just time to do the flowers
Before his lunchtime

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  1. I am glad she found refuge and a place to cry.. i wonder if she would have felt ok with being watched.. you've pictured the scene vividly and skilfully

  2. Wow, an intersting tale from two points of view....

  3. A bit of mystery here, leaving the reader with questions to be explored later,


  4. Really nice duality in this. Perfection.

  5. A compelling piece. One wants to re-read and to probe the mysteries of her sorrow, unknown family whereabouts, significance of the loaves and fishes, and thoughts round the being alone but not being alone.

  6. What a lovely evocative poem, so glad I found your blog. Will visit often.