Friday, 20 May 2016

Her eyes are hazel

She glances at me
And I am smitten at once
I am lost in love

Her eyes are hazel
There's a scar on her cheek
She pouts with surprise

As I look at her
She's so much shorter than me
But I feel so small

She has such spirit
I so much want to touch her
And she knows that now

She softens gently
Then lowers her head and nods
That we may now talk 

She touches my hand
It's a small warm gift of love
I belong to her

In those precious months
Always she held on tight to me
Never letting go

We could not marry
Her parents did not like me
With the limp I had

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  1. Sigh, such heartfelt lines. Sometimes we forget that beauty isn't about having a pretty face rather its more about having a beautiful mind and soul. Beautifully executed. Thank you so much for participating at Prompt Nights and for your constant love and support.

    Lots of love,

  2. Aaaaaw....really pulled at my heart strings with these words XXX

  3. This is beautiful, and leaves a sad ache in the heart.

  4. Oh, now I want to know the entire story of these pair. I want to see her face grinning for him, I want to watch him walk to her--his cane just another part of him she loved... This is cute and bittersweet, and humorous at the edges. A magnificent, piece.

    I echo the thoughts of Sanaa, Gina and Preeti, this one goes right for the heart.

  5. it's so sad when someone without insight intervenes in lovers' world and hurt.

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    1. I meant to say, beautiful and moving.
      Autocorrect tends to have a mind of its own. 😊

  7. Another wonderful mix of story and poetry - should never judge a book by its cover..

  8. I really like this snippet of young love.

  9. Hooray! Nice to read a romantic poem about a girl who was short and hazel-eyed. (Guess why?!)

  10. oh how sad, yet you meandered on to find later, your true love

    Happy Thursday
    mine is here

    much love