Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Life's no picnic

Life is no picnic
So wise men have said to me
There's no sense in that

As I remember
Picnic's meal "al fresco"
Best eaten at home

Ants and wasps love them
As storm clouds gather to play
Nature takes up arms

Children are screaming
Our chosen spot is crowded
Not now idyllic

Strange dog adopts us
Our food is better that theirs
But then cocks his leg

My drink's knocked over
People think I wet myself
There's no place to hide

Rain now patters down
We rush to evacuate
In mass migration

Get back to my place
Please do count me out next time
Says me from my chair

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  1. lol, I can imagine the indignation rising from that chair. Very nice one.

  2. Been there, done that, stayed home thereafter. LOL! You took me there, though the dog action is new to me the rest is not, and is vividly captured here.

  3. "We rush to evacuate / In mass migration" witty and thought provoking :)

  4. Always a chair for you Old Egg - and damn dog... aren't the best picnics the imperfect ones!

  5. LOL, that's how I started my poem, too. Great minds......and oh, what a calamitous picnic! One would wonder why they left the comforts of home behind for such a day.Your poem made me smile. Still smiling........

    1. Old Egg, you and I! And my comment below said the same as you before I read your comment. Lol!

  6. Quickly change the plan from summer picnic to midsummer rain dance :)

  7. You have painted such a vivid description.
    Beautifully executed.

    Lots of love,

  8. So sad when a picnic is spoiled. Still, it provides a vivid memory. Can you laugh at it now?
    Enjoyed this poem so much.

  9. Oh my! We were very much on the same track here with our poems! First thing I thought of when I saw the word "picnic." Great minds think alike!

  10. Don't you just hate it when you spill liquid in your lap and people assume the worst? ;)

  11. I had a few picnics like that - we ended up eating in the car.

  12. ha - I've been rained on a few times. Always best to check the weather and even then those surprise showers pop up.

  13. I felt the happiness of the picnic, food, friends ..but, Rain played spoil sport in the end. Alas...
    Good one, Robin!

  14. Love how you took it in a completely unexpected direction from the first line and how it wound back to it in the end!