Saturday, 14 February 2015

Why do I feel sad?

Why do I feel sad
They’re pulling the Folly down
Memories gone by

I was just a boy
It should have been our springtime
For Candy and me

That wasn’t her name
Asked if she was sweet on me
All those years ago

“You mean like candy?”
I nodded so we were friends
And played together

We walked in the woods
Then paddled in the river
She held my hot hand 

We found the Folly
A dark deserted building
Climbed in a window

Dead quiet until
The rooms echoed with laughter
As we ran about

I found the body
Poor Candy screamed with terror
Then we ran away

Our parents were cross
Never played with her again
She went far away

I so loved Candy
Wonder if she remembers
Holding my hot hand?

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  1. I doubt she'd forget something like that!

  2. Talk about a freaky adventure that I'm sure she would remember. Be sure to link this to my blog on Wednesday. Great picture and poem.

  3. I don't think you could forget such an encounter

  4. What an adventure that is ... loved the narration, and also the subtle traces of affection :-)

  5. No many emotions in this. Great.