Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Imagine all those writers

I love being a writer                        
I can leave my mundane life
And leaping on my keyboard                    
Go seeking adventures abroad

I walk the streets in my mind         
Meeting those I would avoid
Even fighting on pirate ships       
Or kissing that sweet girls lips      

Nothing is out of reach for me                              
Flying high or crawling a cave
Riding the rapids on a log
Having adventures with a dog   

But most of all I like the times
When romance is my theme
I look into a cute girl’s eyes 
Which ends of course in lovers sighs

Image found at www.campusghanta.com


  1. Yes, our writer's imaginations can take us everywhere!

  2. So very well stated, Old Egg! Writing is a life of dreams and imagination, and leaves us free to experience all those things we can't in real life! My husband rolls his eyes when I kill off characters in my stories, but where else could I entertain such fantasies? :-). You write romance better than anyone I know, your passion comes through in your words and makes it feel very real. One never knows what they will come and find here, and that makes it great fun!

  3. And here, I end up writing about my life. I am overwhelmed by fiction. I just write to process and hope someone reads it and identifies with me.

  4. The ability to get lost in a fantasy is the best part!

  5. Yep, we can go where we want and be who we want when we want. It's fun to imagine though I like reality too...most of the time.