Sunday, 8 February 2015

Have you not heard?


Have you not heard?
Speaking with passion
She speaks for you
As well as her own
I was inspired
For in our world
She is but a child
An item of news

But in hers, hope
In the Swat valley
Their children’s choice
is “Cook, clean, serve”
What she wants is
“One child, one teacher”
“One book, one pen”
“Education first”

She said her father
“Did not clip my wings”
One day on a bus
A shot to her head
“I was stronger
than I was before
for fear and hope
and weakness died”

Are you not moved?
She said “Do not wait
for someone else”
“You must risk your life”
“Speak for yourselves”
and “Do not wait”
For she is Malala
Have you not heard?

N.B. Malala's own words in italics

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  1. A wonderful voice, heard around the world -- and good that you take up,the cry and remind people!

  2. Sometimes it amazes me how much change and anger such a voice can raise. To me she sounds so amazing, and also how she just became stronger when being shot..

  3. love it that you took up this topic

  4. she is so brave - and that at such a young age - i really admire her... not waiting for someone else but doing the things that need to be done...i like that

  5. A very brave young woman ~ She is an inspiration to all ~

  6. nice...i would like to read her book...i saw it the other day...
    but i am a firm believer in education as well. and that through that some
    can break out of their circumstances...

  7. She is really an inspiration...however i wish that she had been able to have the things she fights for and not had to experience what she did..the chance to be a child, to have fun and to be able to grow..but so much can she show the so called authorities who rule the world

  8. so sad... wonderful description of life around her

  9. What an amazing young woman, a true hero, an example; but what a high price she paid. I find myself wondering what the rest of her life will hold. I predict great things.

  10. I think it is people like Malala that are the Nelson Mandelas of today and tomorrow. I like the idea that, when she was shot, it is her weakness that died and not her courage and determination.

  11. You do Malala justice with this thoughtful and to-the-point piece.

  12. A very wise and brave child. She is amazing! I loved this, Robin.

  13. A brave soul, a super human indeed. I have heard, but I am happy to hear again and again until it comes to pass.

  14. So inspiring and brave she is. Glad to read your words today, oldegg.

  15. lovely poem; lovely brave girl; She visited Trinidad and Tobago last year
    Have a nice Sunday Robin

    much love...

  16. I have heard her speak and am enraptured by her beautiful brave words...yes in our world but a child, but oh such a soul she speaks the truth for the world.

  17. Thank you for reminding us again what we forget in daily convenience of our lives- how blessed we are and what we really should be looking up to in life...courage of heart..
    Like she's got and then the world will be a better place.

  18. It's wonderful that her awful experience has led her to speak out, to show wisdom well beyong her years. Now we must listen.

  19. She has already decided her resolve. Hopefully it will all be fulfilled. Great lines oldegg!