Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Road Trip

Candy sighed deeply
He wasn’t the same anymore
Something wasn’t right

He was more offhand
And now this perpetual frown
Yet he wouldn’t talk

But now there was worse
All his words were venomous
They were meant to harm

Inwardly she cried
But still she showed the brave face
Frightened he’d hurt her

Could she get away?
But he was so controlling
She was his puppet

“My Mum is not well”
She said so deviously
“I’ll see her today”

A grunt his response
By noon she’d gone for ever
Leaving all behind

She’d phoned her cousin
The one in Tallahassee
They were always friends

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  1. poor woman at least she was able to get away and had someone she could communicate with. great poem old egg

  2. Nice. I like this being open ended, I want her to get a fresh start.

  3. She was smart to find a reason for leaving that would not raise his ire! Kind of scary.

  4. Wow. So much emotion in this poem and I also like how you left it open ended. Well written!!

  5. Good use of the words. Domestic violence has reached epidemic proportions in Australia. Too many women are being terrorised by men.

  6. She's lucky to have any recourse left. Usually that kind of personality makes sure there are no exits before things really get bad.

  7. Glad she could get away. Now I hope she doesn't answer when he calls, trying to sweet-talk her back.

  8. I hope the departure is permanent...made me think of several films...all wonderfully distilled into your poem with great empathy for this young woman