Wednesday, 18 February 2015

The perils of drink

So I let myself in
From a night at the inn
Content I laid my head down
On the mat by the door
The dog came to say hey
Sniffed, growled and slunk away

Then I heard a scream
That could be a dream
But next morn wife now shouted
“One day it would be good
to see you home sober for tea
I knew this would happen to me”

She had a problem to solve
Of how her brain could evolve
To make me fit for the family at three
They came right on time
My daughter Pam and children too
Young Jimmy and toddler Sue

The little one came, sat on my lap
Cuddled up and went for a nap
Which I thought was good idea too
When I woke up all was a blur
She’d woke first, my specs had took
And then pretended to read a book

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  1. This is a fun story. But what I love best is the photo of that happy adorable little girl!!!!!!! Sitting on her doting grandpa's lap!

  2. This is so cute and sweet! I love it :)

  3. I enjoyed this so much. I, too, wrote about the drink!!

  4. oh dear hopefully he'll figure out that the drink is fine as long as he doesn;t overdo.

  5. For me, kind of a bitter-sweet story. You've told it so well!

  6. And such is life sometime! Smiles.

  7. Amazing how quickly our priorities can shift!

  8. Life can always contain the unexpected.

  9. Sometimes we can beat the beer goggles and put on the glasses that help us see things more clearly...

  10. The joys of being a grandparent.

  11. I like the nap on the mat and that the dog and children all share in the scene

  12. Great story. I love the picture. Grandpa needs to stop being so naughty.

  13. Drink or don't drink - the question. Family - the main criteria, I guess.

  14. A very nice story ~ And a super cute picture, smiles ~

  15. Fun & sweet story, expressed nicely in your inimitable style!
    Hope the specs are okay so that the world is not a blur :)

  16. beautiful use of words; descriptively wonderful