Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Climbing up the hill

The wind tangled her hair
She has not yet seen me
Still climbing up the hill

She skipped and danced around
Free just like a wild fawn
And just so beautiful

Yet soon she will be mine
Precious jewel among many
For I am so lucky

What does she see in me?
Do I make her feel safe?
Can I make her happy?

Is she singing up there?
Telling the world of our love
Yearning for me to come

She stops as she sees me
Then comes running to my arms
Hair streaming behind her

Image found at www.boro.gr


  1. Lovely picture and poetry. You are such a romantic soul, Old Egg.

  2. So lovely. ..totally romantic...sigh

  3. Ahhh, the sweetness of new love! You had us all envisioning her there waiting for him and he hoping that he would win her heart. Wind in the hair, I love that feeling still... wild and free! :-)

  4. I can picture the girl, her feelings, and the happiness of the poet.

  5. Lovely poem, her life is definitely not tangled like her hair :)

  6. Very sweet. What a romantic you are. It shows in so many of your writings.