Saturday, 28 February 2015


“Got to go” he said
Lisa thought that was so strange
To abandon her

“It must me his work”
She said walking to the bus
To take her back home

Once a week they met
Always in his hour’s lunchtime
From his job in town

They’d walk hand in hand
In the botanic garden
Near to the town centre

The shaded arbour
Where they kissed in secret
Their favourite place

In late afternoon
He gave her a call at home
She feared what he’d say

“Can we meet tonight?
We can go out for a meal”
Her heart now lifted

The table for two
Allowed him to hold her hands
And propose to her

So she knew at once
That he had little time midday
To arrange it all

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  1. Just goes to show that things aren't always as they seem - sometimes they're better!

  2. She maybe surprised...or is there a wife/husband who maybe even more surprised...ooh..hope we find out...