Saturday, 21 February 2015

Beauty is in life

Sadness fills my heart
Cut flowers on display
As I tread the busy streets

Artificial Rose
Those dusty plastic flowers
I have seen enough

Give me my freedom
Walk though fields of lavender
and hear nature sing

Just where is your heart
To rip such children from home
The insects know you

The laugh is on you
Oh death just where is your sting?
You reap what you sow

Lilies on the pond
See eucalypts in flower
Bluebells in the wood

Beauty is in life
Not caged in a dusty house
Discarded at will

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  1. I cannot imagine living without cut flars ! ... I write this looking at my magnificent singapore orchids which fill me with such joy in spite of my not having one of my best days today. You need to nurture everything you love including cut flowers....who would live with your drooping pic fleurs.?...well a lot I suppose...but not this little black duck:)

  2. There is a melancholy here...and i wondered if there was an underlying story of children not being allowed to grow and be happy? Nature, nurture all good things which can so easily be corrupted and turned into empty plastic...or is that just me being gloomy - thank you of making me think!

    1. Not so much melancholy Jae but preference to walk through a bluebell wood or talk to the bees among the lavender or just watch a butterfly alight on my hand as it gathers nectar rather than have cut flowers to die inside the house.

  3. Well, I have some flowers at the moment that are just about to where your picture shows. Out to the garbage this week! I also prefer to see them in their natural habitat....but it was Valentine's day afterall.

  4. I cannot imagine a life without flowers. They bring such joy.