Sunday, 27 April 2014

Night of terror

I am alive but not quite dead

I have become a cancer

I chew away at others lives

The beast has me in its grip 

The cheat I am is exposed 

The leaves of autumn fell 

I'm now channeled in winter’s grip
I cannot be released therefrom
I will never return back home
The devil has possessed my body
The beads of sweat drip down
The owl hoots from the branch
No, it does not speak my name
No longer do I have any hope
No, I do not deserve it


  1. Old Egg, Cheer up - Spring has sprung and things can only get better!

  2. Definitely a nightmare, OE. Threading the owl calling your name (or not) into this piece was brilliant.

  3. No longer do I have any hope
    No, I do not deserve it

    Despondence and the feeling of a let down can be triggered off in many little episode. It's a matter of getting prepared with a Plan B! Wonderful write oldegg!


  4. The owl is beautiful..even if your named wasn't called. :) Very different poem for you, oldegg. Well wordled.

  5. Yes, very different from your usual. Vivid and concise giving rise to a sense of real fear and dread.


  6. This is not your usual sweet stuff, but I like it a lot. Sometimes a little salt adds a nice balance.

  7. Sometimes after "Night of Terror" we can breathe calmly again, good to release the fear.

  8. Powerful poem, Old Egg. Reminds me of a neighbour of mine. Describes her to a T.


  9. i am alive but not quite dead, great start to this excellent piece. I love the way the owl hoots too.

  10. I am alive but not quite dead. Love that line. It's fall time in your neck of teh woods, so does evoke this kind of poem.

  11. You portray that terror really well in your words. Expressive writing.

  12. To be possessed in that way ... what an ordeal.. I hope that spring will bring you hope.

  13. Limbo is a terrible place to be.