Saturday, 26 April 2014

Discussing Divorce

Over and over
Endlessly they argued on
Discussing divorce

Her tears flooded out
His anger was fuming
Because they’d both failed

She was still the same
He too was unaltered
But to part they must

If only we had children
Then we could be together
He just shook his head

He remembered her
The prettiest bride ever
Wed for a life time

What a day it was
She thought he was so handsome
With no storms ahead


  1. Good thing they didn't have children! While I totally recognize the occasional necessity of divorce, I also think not enough couples marry for the right reasons and commit to working through the inevitable storms that will arise.

    If you want smooth sailing, get a toy boat and a wading pool.

  2. The end of anything you pin your hopes on his've really brought the internal voices out so well..I guess together or apart there will always be a 'what if' for both of them